Call for Proposals

Call for Proposals

IVCO 2017 welcomes submissions of proposals from around the world. Our first preference is for proposals to be submitted through the online system.
If there are any problems with submitting a proposal online, an alternative method is to fill out the submission form and send it to the Secretariat at

12 Dialogues

Please review the IVCO 2017 programme descriptions to determine at which parallel dialogue you would like to present. There are 12 dialogues to choose from. You may choose several dialogues, but please submit a separate proposal for each one.

The proposal submission is closed. Please contact the secretariat if you have any inquiries.

Important Dates

Opening date for the Online Submission of Proposals: Monday 5th June, 2017
Deadline for the Proposal Submissions: Friday 14th July, 2017 (Closed)

Online Proposal Submission Process

  1. Click the ‘Call for Online Proposals’ on the menu.
  2. Login using your ID and password.
  3. Read the instructions carefully and enter the relevant information.
  4. Review or modify the information prior to submission.
  5. Click ‘Submit’.

Presentation Guidelines

If your presentation is selected, please submit your presentation file to by Friday 15 September, keeping in mind the following Presentation Guidelines.

  • Length of presentation: 15-20 minutes / number of slides: 6-9 (see below for structure)
    • Creative/innovative presentation styles and/or interactive content to complement or replace any use of PowerPoint (PPT) will be prioritised, e.g. video clip, activity, etc. but please ensure your entire presentation (including PPT) finishes within 20 minutes.
  • Structure and contents of slides (please use the ‘IVCO 2017 PPT Template’ provided):
    • Slide 1: Title of presentation, name and affiliation of the presenter
    • Slide 2: Information on the presenter’s organisation – highlight something memorable/unique
    • Slide 3: Our definition of ‘transformative partnership’ and our partnerships status
    • Slide 4: Information on the case study – highlight how it addresses the topic of the dialogue
    • Slides 5-7: Analyses of the case study (what worked and/or didn’t work) – see checklist below
    • Slide 8: Lessons / Recommendations / Key Takeaways
    • Slide 9: Questions for IVCOs and relevant links
  • Checklist before submission:
    • My presentation complies with the Presentation Guidelines.
    • My presentation clearly addresses the topic of the parallel dialogue I chose to present in.
    • My presentation uses concrete example(s) of local/regional project(s) to address the topic.
    • My presentation clearly demonstrates ‘innovative’ and/or ‘partnership’ aspects of the example/case study I chose to present.
    • My presentation links the example/case study to the larger group of IVCOs and offers IVCOs useful insights and tips at both strategic and practical levels.
    • I understand the materials I submit according to the guidelines above may get edited – albeit minimally, e.g. spellcheck – by the organisers.

The proposal submission is closed. Please contact the secretariat if you have any inquiries.