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TitleGuidelines for IVCO 2017 Parallel Dialogue Presenters2017-08-16 14:30:03
AttachmentIVCO2017_PPT_Template.pptx (290.4KB)

Structure of Parallel Dialogues 1 – 12

         Length: 90 minutes; 2 organisations presenting in each dialogue

Introduction          à
  5 - 10 minutes       

Presentation (1)       à
15 - 20 minutes        

Presentation (2)       à
15 - 20 minutes        

Discussion              à
35 - 40 minutes        

10 minutes

Presentation Guidelines

        Length of presentation: 15-20 minutes

      Creative/innovative presentation styles and/or interactive content to complement or replace any use of PowerPoint (PPT) will be prioritised, e.g. video clips, activities, etc., but please ensure that your entire presentation (including PPT) finishes within 20 minutes.

        Structure of your presentation (please use the ‘IVCO 2017 PPT Template’ provided):

       Slide 1: Title of presentation, name and affiliation of the presenter

       Slide 2: Information on the presenter’s organisation – highlight something memorable/unique

       Slide 3: Our definition of ‘transformative partnership’ and our partnerships status

       Slide 4: Information on the case study – highlight how it addresses the topic of the dialogue

       Slides 5-7: Analyses of the case study (what worked and/or didn’t work) – see Checklist below

       Slide 8: Lessons / Recommendations / Key Takeaways

       Slide 9: Questions for IVCOs and relevant links


Checklist for Your Presentation

ü  My presentation complies with the Presentation Guidelines outlined above.

ü  My presentation clearly addresses the topic of the parallel dialogue I chose to present in.

ü  My presentation uses concrete example(s) of local/regional project(s) to address the topic.

ü  My presentation clearly demonstrates the ‘innovative’ and/or ‘partnership’ aspects of the example/case study I chose to present.

ü  My presentation links the example/case study to the larger group of IVCOs and offers IVCOs useful insights and tips at both the strategic and practical levels.


Tips for a Great Presentation

     IVCOs are professional conferences.

ü  Consider the average attendee as familiar with, if not an expert in, volunteer programming.

     IVCOs are for learning.

ü  The participants are expecting to hear about innovative experiences, to share best practices, to go back home with new ideas, new tools and new partners.

ü  We recommend avoiding formal speech or lecture style, long introductions and descriptions, lists of statistics and facts. To avoid ‘show and tell’, focus on sharing your own insights, analysis, lessons learned and recommendations.



     All rooms will have a standard set up for the presentation. Any requests beyond the standard set up should be sent to the IVCO 2017 Secretariat ( by Friday the 29th of September.

     Please be aware that someone in each session will be responsible for recording key discussions. Please make sure this person is present at all times during your session.

     There will be an IVCO Secretariat staff/contact person available at each session, for you to reach out to for any technical difficulties or urgent needs.