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TitleFrequently Asked Questions on Registration2017-07-31 18:35:23

Q: I registered before early-bird deadline but could not complete the payment before the early-bird deadline (due to credit card failure, technical delay, etc.). Can I still register with the early-bird registration fee?

A: All registrants who complete online registration process through our registration system (including failed attempts of credit card payment) by the early bird registration deadline will be able to complete the payment at a later date with the early bird registration fees.

Q: Why does my credit card payment repeatedly fail?

A: If your credit card payment fails, please check that you have completed 3d secure process to ensure a secure online payment. Please see guidelines on 3-d authentication procedure at

Q: How can I fully access the website for registration or payment?

A: If you face difficulties accessing the registration fee payment webpage, please try connecting the webpage again using a different network or device.